How to Paint Motorcycle Fairings

If you are going to get a new motorcycle for you then it is worth to be noted for you that your task will not get over once you return back to your home after buying the bike and hence, there are so many modifications needs to be done so as to make it suitable to be ridden on the actual and normal road. The very first thing has something to do with the comfort level of the bike and among many ways to improve it; the best one seems in the installation of the fairings. However, once the fairings are installed, there is a great need to paint them, there is a specific technique incorporated so as to paint it and following is the actual process.

Make a selection of the paint area that suits to you and then, put a spare cloth under your bike so that while painting drops would never stick to the floor. Windscreen, if not removed temporarily, there is a need to tape it completely and in this way, it can be prevented from any paint spot. Then take a sand paper of 80 grids and start sanding the fairings and in this way, the default paint of the fairings will be removed and also it will get smoother. This is how the preparation is done prior to painting the fairings of motorcycle. Sometimes, the fairings also have curvy areas and in this situation, extra care needs to be put to sand it thoroughly leaving behind no such area which is rough.

It is also possible that some damage is there in the default new fairing or the previous fairing and hence, it can also be repaired by making use of denting. Bodywork needs to be done thoroughly inclusive of denting, scratching, and filling of holes. Sometimes, such damages are present in the fairings that it can never be repaired by making use of normal kit and hence, in this situation, fiberglass kit is used. Again the sanding is done over it once the repair work is dried entirely. Headlights are also taped for protection and primer is coated over the body. There are two ways in which it can be done. Either make use of foam brush or make use of spray gun to put the primer over it but always make use of spray gun to paint. Two coatings are required and hence, once the first coat is dried completely, second coat is applied.